Kerrville Mountain Sun from Kerrville, Texas (2024)

Page Ten Kerrville Mountain Sun July 12, 1980 GOW POKES By Ace Reid 'Ole steer, don't look like we're doin' so good! IT HAPPENED "We had a grand time at the Texas Press Association in Kerrvile. In fact, it's the first time in many moons that I've spent any time in Kerrville. My brother-in-law says Kerrville is the 'best kept secret in Texas'. It's got it all beautiful scenery, arts and crafts, the Cowboy Art Museum, the Point Theatre at Ingram and the Y.O. Ranch near Mountain Home.

We visited all of the above and had a fine time working out of the plush Y.O. Ranch Hilton Hotel. It's a fancy place and gracefully fixed up in western decor. And another good thing about visiting in Kerrville it's less than 100 miles from home." mental scrapbook. But then, it's kinda nice to get back to the normal routine.

We appreciate the wonderful job the Womens' Division accomplished, and hundreds enjoyed Jim Johnson's canoe races. Aren't you glad you live in Kerr Country! We wish we knew people with incomes of $200,000 or more paid no federal income tax in 1984, according to the Treasury Department. That was written by Larry Smith, editor of the Brady Standard. Similar stories appeared all over the state last week following the T.P.A. convention.

Perhaps w.e will get over the "Best kept secret" label. We hear so many adverse comments about the Post Office, we want to hand them a bouquet. Monday morning, after the long holiday, we found our post office box completely filled by 8:30 a.m. All that mail worked out and waiting for us! Frankly, we were suspicious and made two trips later in the day just to be sure, and hereby apologize for the dubious reception to this delightful service. We always look forward to the July 4th holiday, enjoy it thoroughly, and file a whole bunch of great memories in our Let's sing a chorus of "Happy Birthday" for these fine folks who will be celebrating during the week: Tony Hall, Jim Rickhoff, Robert Borchers, Ralph Nichols, Kirk Stokes, Linda Lawrence, Bob Schmerbeck III, Bill Craft, Janet Cheshire, Elmer Neal, Paris Smith, Irene Arreola, Dennis Barecky, Allen Rogers, Edmee Neal, John McCollom, Bernice Gere, Martha Groves, Eunice Clanton, Lowell Bowdle, John Turner, Rosa Shelton.

Andy Ritch, Kathleen Ritch, Ed Baskin, Sam H. Braswell, Wayne Cox, Cynthia White, Gloria McKain, Kempe Shelton, Mary Lyle, Brian Baur, Mary M. McHugh, Louis Allred, Annette Fields, Raymond E. Wilson, Patricia Ward, Phil Cook, Billy White. Deanna Teltschik, Alton Kneese, Walter Cummings, Warren Reeh, Kathleen Phillips, Betty Bell, John Lenard, Olen.

Straube, Matt Gleason, Becky Priour, Kirk Peters, Jane Pickell, Ralph Chaparral Travel Presents: 1 PERFORMING ARTS CENTBR of Son Antonio -A M- ANTHONY Friday Night NEWUEY August 1, 1986 each WANT TO GET OFT- STOP THE WORLP is tuneful and sprightly woven with wonderful music, song and panlomime, of mediocre man's rise from poverty to wealth and fame. Anthony Ncwley, who is credited with co-authoring and directing the original Broadway production, stars as "Littlechap" in this satirical charade which boosts such memorable songs as "What Kind of Fool Am "Gonna Build a "Once in a Lifetime" and many others. Includes: 'CHARTERED MQTORCOACH FROM KERRYILLE. (INCLUDES TAX GRATUITY) AT ALDO'S ITAUANO RISTORANTE. SEATS FOR THE MUSICAL PLAY.

'ESCORTED BY CHAPARRAL TRAVEL NOTE- ncflM fMipicd (9 fintf terred- Hwwevw, rewtrve 4 Chaparral Trauel Sharpless, Birdie Carr, Nortna Johnson, Bill Newsom, Joan Haney, Lynn Berthe, Eric Reyes, Tom McGlathery, Aimee Skeen, Corby Biddle, Rebecca Love, Luke Mains, Kevin Jenkins, Susan Willman, Deanne Biddle, Blair Sanders, Armando Vilarreal Irma Aguirre, Stephanie Hernandez. And these fortunate people will be observing wedding anniversaries: Irene and Raul Arreola, Katherine and Ray Littlefield, Dodie and Don Hill, and Carolyn and Kelly Hildebrand. POLICE Report Eight burglaries and five thefts have been reported to the Kerrville Police Department this week. Burglaries of a vehicle were reported in the 300 block of Junction Hwy. (purse, in the 100 block of Meadowview cassette radio), tools from three vehicles parked in the 1600 block of Water and in the 1100 block of Jefferson (purse, $165).

The Little People's Learning Academy, 400 block of McFarland, lost a $287 VCR to a burglar. Three people were arrested and charged with burglary of a habitation after being stopped at the corner of Hays and Barnett following a burglary in the 600 block of Paschal. A residence at Schreiner College was ransacked, a checkbook taken. Two watches food stamps ($230) and cash ($20) was taken from a residence in the 300 block of Swigert. Thefts included non-payment for a motel room, rings missing from a motel bathroom, a missing hood from a vehicle, and items taken from an antique store.

Three bicycles were reported stolen. One forgery was reported at a grocery store. Instances of criminal mischief were reported in the 100 block of Stephanie, 1100 4th and 500 Wigwam. Minor accidents were reported at the H.E.B. parking lot, two separate accidents in the 200 block of Sidney Baker South, at the intersection of Meeker and Hunt in the 700 block of Junction and in the 200 block of St.

The arm of the law remains long, but it's a little leaner this week. Kerrville Police Detective Bill Fackleman lost 15 pounds in four weeks and three days to win $5 apiece from fellow weight loss competitors Lt. Jim Harvey, and detectives Joe Lanning and Bob Sugg. Chas. Schreiner Bank Vice President Mark Haufler acted as the witness and official judge of scales.

Fackleman weighed a svelte 183 pounds, including cowboy boots, at the weigh-in Thursday morning. divorces Divorce granted in Kerr District Court, July Lois Marie Mitcheltree Howell and James Levi Howell. You'll save a year byj subscribing to the Kerrville! Mountain Sun by mail! 3 Than. ClatsUltd DoAdllnt Pool Partners Poo) Chemicals 8o Ahead And Take The Plunge I I CONCENTRATED POOL CHEMICALS GRANULAR TABLETS ALGAECIDES CHLORINATING 10 LB. 1-INCH 29" Sin $7.00 Sun Protected Soluble No Calcium CHLORINATING TABLETS 5 LB.

1-INCH $1599 IHI $3.00 Sun Protected Soluble No Calcium CONCENTRATED END-0-ALGE Active SQ99 Quart 5LB. SHOCK Siiitt.M Quart Available Chlorine) -Calcium 3-INCH 4 99 TILE AND VINYL GLEANER 5 29 Quart WE CARRY A WHOLE LINE OF HOT TUB CHEMICALS! Safer To Use And Store Than Liquid Acid WATER CLARIFIER Returns Sparkle to Pool Water $.499 'y GRANULAR DI-CHLQR Than? Most Advertised Brands FOODS DRUGS 300 Main Street Kerrville 896-3600 PRICES GOOD THRU SATUBPAY, MAY 17.

Kerrville Mountain Sun from Kerrville, Texas (2024)


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