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I Section A Page 20 I NORTHEAST Fort Worth Star-Telegram I Tuesday December 22 1992 Family friends torn by minister's slaying "He never harmed anyone Everything he did was strictly for and with his family" Stephanie Armstrong Kenny Rose's sister-in-law them and preaching" Dorothy Rose said "On Sunday and Wednesdays he also taught Bible class to the teen-agers in the church He was busy all the time" George Glasker Jr minister at Mitchell Boulevard Church of Christ in Fort Worth and a friend of the Roses for years said Kenny Rose was a dedicated preacher "Kenny was a fine gentle man and a great gospel preacher" Glasker said "He's just one of the nicest guys you would ever meet" Despite asthma and heart problems Kenny Rose was an outgoing child who never met a stranger his mother said At age 3 he underwent open-heart surgery to repair a heart valve but health problems never slowed him down "One time we had a man visiting our church from Africa and no one could talk to him but Kenny" Dorothy Rose said "Kenny would tell me 'Mama I made me a friend today'" In 1979 Kenneth Rose graduated from Everman High School where he was well-liked by students and teachers Dorothy Rose said "Everybody all during school loved Kenny" she recalled "He was the type of person you didn't call Kenneth even at his graduation they called him Kenny Rose" His family was looking forward to spending the holidays together as usual They planned to have dinner at his brother's house and open presents on Christmas Day Dorothy Rose said her son always looked forward to the holidays "He was so excited because he had bought his sister-in-law a special gift and he wouldn't tell her what it was" Dorothy Rose said "We were all very close" By JAN JARVIS Fon Worth Si-1 dram ARLINGTON Kenny Rose and his wife La Tanya had considered slipping away to Las Vegas to celebrate their I 1th wedding anniversary last weekend Instead the couple stayed home because Kenny wanted to hand out Christmas fruit baskets to children at New York and Leuda Street Church of Christ in south Fort Worth where he had served as a minister for four years But Sunday night Kenny Rose 31 owner of an auto glass shop in east Fort Worth died on the floor of his southwest Arlington home after a bullet pierced his chest Police said they are investigating the homicide but have few leads in their search for the killer "He would have been out of town if it hadn't been Christmas and he wanted to be here for the children" said Rose's mother Dorothy "That was just like Kenny He loved the Lord and loved to work in the church" The couple and their daughters La Kenya 10 and La Kendra 8 had just sat down to a game of dominoes at their dining room table when they heard a vehicle pull into the drive Because they were not expecting company Rose stepped out on the landing of the family's home in the 3800 block of Drew Lane a brown and red brick residence basking in the glow of its holiday lights display Seconds later La Tanya Rose saw her husband stumble inside and collapse on the tile floor of the hallway The family caught a glimpse of a truck backing out of the drive "He said 'I've been shot' and fell" Dorothy Rose said "La Tanya was calling 91 1 and his oldest girl Store From Page 1 7 The retailers are: Dixon's 7-Eleven in Hurst where big winners totaled $30367 including the one $20000 winner four or five $1000 winners a number of $600 winners "and a ton of $150 to $200 winners" Dixon said A Fiesta Mart in Houston where big winnings totaled $21298 (Another Houston Fiesta Mart sold five winning tickets of $1000 or more worth a total of $16015) A Town and Country store in McAllen whose big winning tickets Claim From Page 17 relatives who had pitched in to purchase lottery tickets A Kerrville couple who also picked the six winning numbers claimed the other share of the jackpot last week worth an identical $79 million Luong a Houston businessman had been dubbed the "mystery winner" by lottery officials because it took five days for him to claim the prize He said he watched the drawing and knew he won right away but waited to come forward until everyone who had helped buy tickets had been notified "I felt very excited and I couldn't believe it happened because the chance was so small" said Luong who added that he wants to keep publicity about the winnings to a minimum Focus From Page 1 7 whether the news of Rose's death was true Qutub Holleman a longtime friend and employee leaned against the wall of the lobby and wiped tears from his eyes as he recalled the man who loved to play Nintendo and never had a harsh word for anybody "He was one of the most generous loving persons you'd ever meet" said Holleman who worked with Rose for four years at the auto glass shop "He always tried to do what was right and help people out Not once did I ever see him turn away anyone who needed help" John Gray 25 said Rose hired him to work in the shop after his business went under "When I lost my business about a year ago he said come on down here and work" Gray said "He helped me out when he didn't have to but he's just that kind ofguy" Kenny Rose had many longtime customers who frequently dropped by the shop just to visit Gray said "If people didn't have the money to pay for glass he'd work something out with them so they could pay it out" Gray said "He wanted everyone to live comfortably" Dorothy Rose said her son grew up in the church but did not decide to become a minister until about 10 years ago He studied with another minister and about four years ago he got his own church in south Fort Worth "He did everything visiting people in the hospital counseling City Council members were scheduled to discuss a resolution to condemn the lease again Greene said That possibility exists because of an indication McBryde made in his November ruling that the city was too narrow in scope when it canceled the lease for parking only Greene said "He indicated that had the city condemned it for purposes other than parking that he could have taken it under consideration" Greene said The city will also continue negotiating a sale with the leaseholders Greene said So far the city has offered $2 million and two years worth of parking revenues on the site Gold Dust and the RTC have asked for $27 million and two years of parking revenues Greene said "Progress has been made on a settlement We've been the distance of $90000 and $4 million apart and we're closer than that" he said But Hunneycutt said he had not heard allegations of the chief drinking and driving until he read the lawsuit Hunneycutt said he made the decision to lay off Erinakes and the lieutenant after "talking with everyone in the department about what the problems there were "I acted based on that information" he said declining to elaborate on what types of problems the de Arlington ordered to pay 500000 in lease suit 1 totaled $24000 But the store's hot spell has cooled: Five of the six tickets were redeemed in July and only one since then even though the-outlet is the No 2 seller of lottery tickets in Texas a An Allsup's convenience store in Farwell on the Texas-New Mexico line where big winnings totaled $107 I 8 All six tickets were bought by residents of Clovis NM about 20 miles west of Farwell Of the 20 Texas Lottery outlets that have sold the most tickets 10 are near neighboring Mexico Louisiana Arkansas Oklahoma or New Mexico Stateline Oil Co in Seminole is the No 1 lottery outlet in Texas having sold more than 500000 tickets However only four were worth $1000 or more Luong said that each member of his group contributed up to $10 per drawing to buy lotto tickets with each member picking some of the numbers The winning numbers were 14 23 2431 38 and 42 Luong accepted his first payment of $395658 yesterday and said it would go toward a new house He will receive a payment of $394000 every Dec IS through 2011 and lottery spokesman Steve Levine said Luong plans to share each installment with the other members of his group Luong's winning ticket was purchased in a Houston gas station which will receive a 1 percent jackpot bonus Meanwhile the search continued yesterday for the winner of the Lotto Texas' $2 million jackpot drawing Saturday Blair's Supermarket on Highway 79 north of Franklin sold that winning ticket with the numbers 9 15 21 23 33 and 37 available for rent at local libraries schools and possibly city hall No word yet on whether Blockbuster intends to buy a few copies Moore foresees other communities borrowing the film as well and adapting it slightly to their locales The project could be considered a sequel Federal Urban Forestry Dollars 2 to the $6000 federal grant awarded to the city earlier this year to do an inventory of Grapevine trees That inventory completed last month turned up 34 varieties of trees in Grapevine with red oak and live oak the most prevalent For that reason the video will encourage would-be tree planters to consider other varieties including burr oaks eastern red cedar and fruiting varieties Moore said Many cities have done tree inventories recently but Moore said he believes that Grapevine may be the first Metroplex city to concoct a tree-planting how-to video "We like to be followed not to follow" he said The growth of urban forestry programs in recent years stems from the federal America the Beautiful program which Moore credits with stimulating an increased awareness of the value of city trees "For so many years we destroyed them through progress" he said Urban Forestry programs are designed to demonstrate that "progress and the urban forestry community can coexist and at the same time try to regenerate forests that have been decimated" Moore is looking forward to guiding Grapevine's video efforts in that direction "It's kind of exciting" he said "It'll be different" strong mission statement before enacting such a proposal A futures committee will chart the university's goals in the spring officials said "We do need to choose a path and make our decisions based on a logical progression" Gonzales said Amacher however approved a separate proposal that strengthens academic probation policies and requires students to complete a core curriculum before they are accepted into a major Each college could establish its own criteria for entrance into a major such as required Scholastic Aptitude Test scores and grade-point averages Several colleges such as engineering nursing and business already have such a system Science Dean Peter Rosen a strong advocate of increasing admission standards said he believes that the second proposal if approved by the UT System Board of Regents would partially help upgrade the university But he said UT-Arlington must raise standards if it is to become a nationally ranked university "I'm very concerned as a dean of science that students taking our courses are very poorly prepared for science" said Rosen who suggested that the university help public schools improve teaching methods By CHERYL PHILLIPS Ion WOn Star-Telegram ARLINGTON The city must pay more than $500000 in attorney appraisal and photography fees to the leaseholders of 12 acres north of the new Texas Rangers ballpark a federal judge ruled yesterday in a move that ended the lawsuit questioning the city's right to cancel the 80-year lease Federal Judge John McBryde ruled that the city won't have to pay additional damages By eliminating the leaseholders' right to seek damages McBryde effectively ended the second phase of the trial before its scheduled start Monday That phase was to have dealt solely with damages "It is good news in the sense that all we believe they were entitled to was their attorneys' fees" Mayor Richard Greene said of McBryde's decision But attempts to settle are not promising said Don Bush an attorney for Gold Dust "I've been trying very hard to try to get the city to come and talk settlement" he said "So far I feel like I'm knocking on an empty door there's just nobody at home" Bush cautioned the city against appealing or condemning the lease again "If they want to do that again then they can just meet me again at the courthouse door" Bush said "This case is not going to be overturned I don't think there's any air in it" Jane Jankowski a spokeswoman for the RTC said that what happens next is still in question but that the federal agency hopes to settle on a price "The RTC is not a long-term holder of assets so we'll be looking 1 for some type of disposition" she said was holding him in herarms" La Kenya Rose tried to stop the bleeding by applying pressure to her father's chest Moments later he died in her arms Arlington police Sgt Dixie Stout said police have no leads in the shooting The case has been assigned to a detective she said and neighbors have been interviewed Stout said no witnesses have been found "We don't know anything yet" she said "We wish we did" Residents in the neighborhood where the Roses have lived for I I years described the family as quiet good neighbors Word of Rose's death also spread quickly through the east Fort Worth community where the family has owned an auto glass business since I 973 Friends relatives and neighbors said Rose was a devout Christian and devoted family man who would go out of his way to help others "He never harmed anyone" said Rose's sister-in-law Stephanie Armstrong "He was a family man Everything he did was strictly for and with his family" Rose and his brothers helped their father LB Rose in the glass shop on East Rosedale Street until the elder Rose retired about three years ago Since then Kenny Rose owned and operated the business At the white-and-blue-painted brick shop yesterday the telephone rang continually and a stream of often teary-eyed customers and friends dropped by to find out On Nov 30 McBryde ruled that the city had no right to cancel the lease that Gold Dust Twins Realty and the Resolution Trust Corp shared He based his ruling on a jury's verdict that found that the city had wrongfully canceled the lease so it could use the land for the ballpark project The city had said it needed the land for parking but long-range plans for the property also showed that it was part of a land swap between the city and the Rangers and that the ball club planned office buildings on the site The city has spent more than $600000 to convert the I 2 acres into a parking lot The city must now decide whether it should cancel the lease again for different reasons related to the stadium project settle with the leaseholders on a price appeal McBrycle's decision or forget about trying to get the I 2 acres Greene said In an executive session today aims to protect state or local government employees who report wrongdoing in their agencies Naming the city of Everman as defendant the lawsuit seeks unspecified actual and punitive damages "for the malicious acts of the defendant" Sanders said in an interview yesterday that the decision to fire Erinakes was made by Hunneycutt who laid off the patrolman and a lieutenant in a budget-cutting move Asked about the drinking and driving allegations Sanders said "I am not saying whether I did or didn't" He said: "It's one of those deals He got laid off and well he was upset It was unfortunate but now he's trying to make me look like I was the bad guy you know It's unfortunate that anyone had to get laid off" Hunneycutt said he made the decision to let the patrolman and lieutenant go after the city council ordered him to trim the department's $3 million-a-year budget by cutting two positions The city manager said it is "totally untrue" that the officer came to him and discussed the chiefs behavior He said that Erinakes had discussed the department with him in Texas rape case be sent to Texas as soon as possible to answer both federal and state charges there Local FBI Agent John Munis said law officers arrested Wallace on Friday at a Glendive motel after checking out the license plates on a car Authorities said Wallace is wanted in Abilene on federal charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and state charges of aggravated sexual assault and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm director Joe Moore produced by the federal government through a $6000 grant awarded by the Texas Forest Service and shot by Paragon Video the Grapevine Urban Forestry Video to be shot on location will star local trees The plot will revolve around planting and caring for them Moore said Moore said he doubts that the project will launch his career as the next Steven Spielberg In fact he said the final product will look more like "an info-commercial" Watch out Juiceman The challenge Moore said will be to create a video that is "informative yet not boring" Moore's cinematic vision involves a four-part plot that will inform viewers about suitable sites for planting a tree matching the site to the tree (ie don't install a towering conifer beneath a power line) planting techniques and post-planting care The city hopes to debut its flick April 17 at Tree Fest Grapevine's annual Earth Day commemoration But as with most cinematic undertakings the premiere date is ultimately decided by those who are bankrolling the project As of yesterday Moore said he was unsure when the city would receive its first check A spokesman at the local Texas Forest Service office said he didn't know either Once the video is released city officials plan to make 50 copies Former officer says he was laid off in I 1 I Good will greets family after fire destroys house retaliation partment was having Jim Lane Erinakes' attorney said whistle blowers such as his client are often branded as troublemakers But he said "The law says that if you're fired within 90 days of the date that you made the allegation the presumption is that you were terminated because of the allegation" Erinakes could not be reached for comment community took up money Then people just walked off the street and gave checks The school later presented a check to the Carillos for $6700 Nora Carillo a 1992 graduate of Nolan who now as a teller for NationsBank said yesterday that her family has seen firsthand the spirit of giving that typifies the holiday season "We were surprised" Nora Car-jib said as her sisters Ana and nodded their agreement "We didn't expect this at all" Since Friday after news accounts of the family's loss had swept through the community friends and family alike have been stopping by to lend their support Some have delivered clothing or furniture others brought offers to help move the family when they find a suitable rent house The fire started a little after 7 am Thursday when an electric space heater shorted out Nora Carillo said Within minutes the fire spread along the walls of the modest white frame home in the 1200 block of Bewick Street driving Nora and her father from he house Within an hour the resicience was gutted I By THOMAS KOROSEC Fon Wonh ar-1 elegram A former Everman patrol officer is claiming that he was laid off in the fall in retaliation for reporting several instances of the city's chief of police driving while drunk In a lawsuit filed in Johnson County the former officer Michael Erinakes says he was let go in September after telling City Manager David Honeycutt that Police Chief Randy Sanders had been driving drunk In court papers the two-year veteran said he saw Sanders stagger out of his pickup on one occasion in August 1991 and that he watched him drive away from a Fort Worth nightclub in June 1992 after drinking heavily A month later Erinakes alleges the chief became so intoxicated during a fishing outing on Lake Aquilla near Hillsboro that he fell out of the boat then later fell out of a pickup truck The former patrolman said he went to the city manager with the allegations in August because he was concerned about low morale and poor leadership in the department Erinakes the second most senior officer in the department was laid offabout a month later The lawsuit was brought under Texas' whistle-blower law which Man held in Montana The Associated Press BILLINGS Mont A man arrested in Glendive acknowledged yesterday that he is wanted by Texas authorities on rape charges in Abilene John Edwin Wallace 49 appeared at a hearing before US Magistrate Richard Anderson Wallace admitted he is the person named in a federal fugitive warrant and waived his right to a hearing Anderson ordered that" Wallace UTA From Page 17 Proponents had said that UT-Arlington accepts too many students who have no chance of graduation because they are so ill-prepared for college The backers of higher standards said that the university's image suffers as a result and that it is overcrowded anyway The Undergraduate Assembly will meet again Feb 16 Minority representatives who opposed the proposal said yesterday that they were encouraged by Amacher's response "There are too many unanswered questions" said Lee Alcorn northeast district chairman for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People "On the face of this proposal it seems like it will be discriminatory and there's no way to tell how the admissions standards would affect minority students" said Alcorn who raised the issue with Amacher during a Friday meeting with the president "We don't think recruitment is where it should be now and if you increase admissions standards what will that do?" Casey Gonzales the university's affirmttive action officer agreed that UT-Arlington must write a BY RICHARD DOTSON Fon Wonh I ekgram FORT WORTH When the call came Thursday morning that the home of three Nolan High School students had been destroyed in a fire school officials thought it was a prank But within an hour as the officials and youths drove up to the smoldering ruins of the Carillo family home in south Fort Worth they knew the call was no joke The six children Nora I 8 Hilda I 7 Ana I 6 Evelia I 5 Cristina 10 Javier 6 and their parents Gumaro and Evelia had only the clothes they were wearing Nearly everything else was destroyed in the blaze By the end of the day the Nolan student body and staff knew about the Carillos' loss and swung into action It wasn't long until the community's spirit of giving was ignited as well Brother Al Kuntemeier a Nolan senior class counselor and member of the Marianist religious community said support for the Carillo family has been phenomenal "Every homeroom took up a collection" Kuntemeier said "Some faculty donated The Marianist I.

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