Cheap Flight Tickets from Seattle to Las Vegas | (SEA - LAS) - KAYAK (2024)

Captain called out notable points of interest along the way.

The used cups and wrappers weren’t picked up after the first two hours of 4 hr flight. I had the middle seat and had to ask the gentleman next to Me to hold the cup with water in it while I used got out of the seatt while I used the restroom.. At one point I asked attendant to take it and she said she’d be back but never did come back. Usually they pick up several times during flight.

Great airline great seats a ;ittle turbulence but piolot handled it well

This is a horrible experience. I purchased upgraded seats months ahead of time. Seat 6A specifically for my wife, and 7B for myself. On the day of travel, we were issued boarding passes that reflected the seats that we purchased. However, at the gate when checking on to the airplane, we were told that our seats have been changed to the very back of the row next to the restroom. I explained that I purchased the seats ahead of time. And that this was important to us, hence why we plan ahead.the agent apologized and said that CA was given to somebody else so their family could sit next to each other. Family, who evidently did not plan ahead. Nor did they pay extra for that seat. Subsequently, my seat was also changed. I was told this was because somebody was handicapped and knew that seat. I can understand boarding early if you’re handicapped, but what does 20 feet of distance matter at all. I watched. The agent apologized and said that CA was given to somebody else so their family could sit next to each other. Family, who evidently did not plan ahead. Nor did they pay extra for that seat. Subsequently, my seat was also changed. I was told this was because somebody was handicapped and knew that seat. I can understand boarding early if you’re handicapped, but what does 20 feet of distance matter at all. I watched the so-called handicapped couple haggle and Hagle and Hagle and eventually the agent came in. They were Indian couple and I can assure you they were not handicap. I can also assure you that they did not pay extra for that seat like I did. This is some of the worst performance, and as well as customer service I have ever experienced. This is absolutely Unacceptable. The agent said I can file a complaint and try to get a refund issued for the extra money for those seats. I simply said to the agent the same thing I will say to you. I don’t care about the extra money. I wanted the seat. I paid for the seat. I expect a full refund for both of those tickets at a minimum. I hope you feel this is not reflect Alaska Airlines. I hope you will make it right.

The employee handling boarding of the plane had such a strong accent that I don't think anyone could understand a word she said. Other than that, everything was fine. The seats in coach class are too narrow (even for a small person like me), and it would really help to have pillows available on an overnight flight.

Through no fault of their own, we took off two hours late because someone on the plane arriving from Las Vegas had been sick and had declared he had the Norovirus. In addition, they were unable to locate a necessary new part for the co-captain's chair. As a result, they FINALLY got us a new plane to board, but, because if was a bigger plane, they had to redistribute us for gravity's sake. Next, they had to wait on paper work, which had to be completed by hand and then put into the computer. The best I can say--which I recognize is the most important thing--is that we arrived in Kansas City safely.

No issues with flight. A small delay due to waiting for aircraft but a non-issue. To me a good rating on a flying day is a good thing.

Boarded three times. Air conditioning not sufficient to keep us from being uncomfortably hot. There needed to be communication with us more often. Sitting on the tarmac without knowing what was going on for extended periods was frustrating. Someone should be communicating every ten minutes even if there is no new information. Significant delay.

It would have been nice to have wi-fi, but I only care about the quality of the flight, which was excellent- smooth takeoff, smooth landing, and very little turbulence. I don't care about food, entertainment, etc.

I was trying to switch from a middle seat to an aisle seat which usually I am able to. They did not want to switch seats for me and we're trying to charge me $80. I was sitting next to a bunch of kids that were really loud. Thankfully, I was seating between two very kind people.

Spirit is very bare bones travel. You definitely get what you pay for. About as comfortable as riding a school bus. The tray table is a tiny little shelf that barely fits a phone, and there is not even a seat pocket to hold anything securely. They have an open bungee cord configuration, that phones fall out of. There are no drinks or snacks, unless you purchase them. Same for wifi, although it wasn’t even available for purchase on our outgoing flight. But the crew was friendly, and the plane was clean, although we did not check the onboard restroom. Basically, if you are looking for a very inexpensive flight to a nearby location, and you don’t care if wifi is available, it works. Our flight was around 90 minutes—Oakland to Las Vegas—so it was not horrible. I would never even consider flying cross country in it. That would be miserable. But for a quick trip of under two hours, it was worth the price.

Keep your expectations low and you will be pleasantly surprised

This was one of the smoothest flights in 37 years of flying, excellent pilots! Polite and caring staff. Nice clean and new plane 10/10

You plan your itineraries too closely together. My Albuquerque flight to Las Vegas was delayed by 45 minutes. Upon arriving in Las Vegas I missed my flight to Portland by 5 minutes, doors closed on a group of us!! Then another delay in Las Vegas from 10:11 schedule to 11:35 pm departure. Arrived in Portland @ 2:40 am. Had to take Uber to get to my sister’s house. On the other hand your crew members were friendly and professional. PLEASE IMPROVE YOUR FLIGHT PLANS AND BE RESPONSIVE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS NEEDS!!!!

I thought people that were clearly intoxicated were not allowed to board flights. But of course they let them and of course they sat directly behind us. Kicking seats being so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think. Cussing loudly telling a woman “she was going to punch her in the f*cken face” for accidentally mixing her seat assignment up. These people should have been asked to get off the plane but no flight attendant cared. I don’t think I’ll be using spirit again. Better judgment needs to be used when letting people fly drunk.

Terrible legroom, seats do not recline, tray table the size of an iPhone, delayed flight, have to pay 5$ to get a cup of water onboard.

The flight was on time and nice as always for me with spirit but the cabin crew were not good. They left the lights on on a red eye for the entire flight.

It was the worst ever, i will be filing a lawsuit to get a refund. Our flight was delayed 4 hours so we would miss our connecting flight, we were not rebooked to our destination the same day, we were not offered any options to get home on the same day despite being clear that we absolutely cannot get stranded at night due to family, we were forced to book our own flights on a different airline to get home, and spririt is refusing a refund because our flight wasn't cancelled, only delayed. oh yeah, and they lost our luggage on the first part of the trip and you cannot get a hold of customer service when anything goes wrong, on hold for 30+ minutes. and their app breaks so you can't use that either.

The crew was the best and very accommodating I know you don't offer any complimentary items but water and coffee will not break the bank !!

My experience with Spirit was perfect. Did not expect it to be this good

Flying Frontier was a nightmare. From the booking through Kayak, checking in, departing and arriving, I will never recommend Kayak or Frontier.

Terrible Y lost my connection to Mexico, nobody of your company help me And y pay a lot of money for my baggage Until now I continue in the Houston airport I vneed you return my money

The flight attendence were extremely rude and I am disabled

Frontier charged me $25 to check in to a flight by any method other than downloading their 'app', then charged me $79 to check one bag. They also would have charged for even small snacks or drinks. I will avoid them in the future if i can.

Never offer anything to drink ☹️ Flight delayed gate moved poor communication

No knowledgeable staff at the counter or in a flight crew. No one knew why once flight landed at Philadelphia Airport then it took them 4 hours from runway to gate . Damn they took 4 hours to reach the gate . They messed up whole night for myself and for my kids.

Horrible, first and last time that we use frontier. Kept us in Las Vegas for 8 hours. We boarded original flight at 2 pm right as we were getting ready to leave we were told that plane had issues. Stayed in gate and then after a couple of hours we were told that we were being assigned a new plane and were moved to a different gate. Then after 3 hours they said that the plane had issues and after a while of just being delayed it was cancelled. Thankfully there is southwest that came to rescue. We purchased ticket and left Vegas at 10 pm

Horrible communication about delay of flight and what options were available

Frontier charges 25 for the service of checking in and another 79 for a carry on. Will not take this janky air carrier again.

The trip was unremarkable which is good. Crew was very professional and courteous.

Cheap Flight Tickets from Seattle to Las Vegas | (SEA - LAS) - KAYAK (2024)


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