2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen diesel for sale by owner - Chattanooga, TN - craigslist (2024)

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Last year of the famous TDI wagon!
Clean TN title and clean Carfax
Up to date on all maintenance
186k original miles
DSG auto transmission
Black leather interior
New tires
Price dropped to $9300

My wife and I are selling our 2015 TDI VW Golf Sportwagen as we are preparing for a big move at the end of the year and need to start downsizing. This car is fully up to date on all maintenance, and runs and drives exceptionally well. 2015 was the last year VW imported TDIs into the US and this particular model is a big improvement over the older generation 2010-2014 TDI Jetta wagons in my opinion. This car works effortlessly and has all kinds of great features like push button start, back up camera, DSG automatic transmission, Bluetooth calling/music streaming, great factory sound system, leather interior, smart key keyless entry, etc.

Since the car was new, it was regularly serviced primarily at Volkswagen by its first 2 owners, and then I have done all the maintenance on it since we’ve owned it (we’re the third owners). I have records for my work, as well as other recent work including the timing belt and water pump, which won’t need to be replaced again for another 110k-120k miles.

There has been a lot of recent maintenance done on the car, as I really enjoy taking care of our cars.
- New fuel injector seals (186k)
- New cabin air filter (186k)
- New air filter (186k)
- New oxygen sensor (185k)
- Full synthetic TDI specific oil change (184k)
- New fuel filter (184k)
- New exhaust pressure sensors (170k)
- New timing belt and water pump (169k)
- New battery (168k)
- New drive belt (168k)

Everything works excellently on this car. All the windows, locks, power seats and mirrors work as they should. The radio works great and the bluetooth works seamlessly for calls and music, and all the steering wheel controls work great. Cruise control works, the heat is hot, and the AC is ice cold. There are no dash lights at all (no check engine light, no tire light, no abs light, no airbag light).

The car starts right up every time, shifts smooth, and has plenty of power when you need it. This car always amazes me because it gets 45-50 mpg when you’re cruising on the highway, but when you need to pass someone, it has more than enough power. It also has a TON of cargo space in the back. We’ve been really surprised with what we could fit in the back of this car; it holds a lot more than it looks like.

Mechanically, the car is in incredible condition. It doesn’t have any leaks or issues and I’ve made sure it’s up to date on regular maintenance. You really shouldn’t have to do anything other than regular oil changes/routine service for a long time. These diesel motors are known to last forever, and I don’t see any reason why this car won’t last another 200,000.

The interior is in great condition. There is a little wear on the side bolster of the driver’s seat, but otherwise, the black leather seats and interior have no real damage and are very clean. The exterior has several small scratches and small dings and dents, but nothing major. Otherwise, the body is clear from any major damage and the paint is in great condition with no fading or oxidation. There’s also no rust anywhere on the car!

The car has a beautiful set of 17” Audi wheels with Michelin All Season tires in like new condition. The brakes have tons of life left on them too. Another big perk of this car is that it has NO sunroof! So many similar VWs have sunroofs that leak and we were relieved to find one without a sunroof.

Our Golf Sportwagen really doesn’t need anything and we wouldn’t hesitate to drive it cross country tomorrow. It has a clean TN title in our name and is ready to transfer to its new owner. We have a clean Carfax from earlier this year that we can show to anyone who’s seriously interested.

We’re not in a rush to sell the car, so please don’t make any lowball offers. We’re asking $9800 OBO, CASH only. I’m happy to answer any questions or go more in depth on anything if you’d like to know more about the car. I’m also happy to setup a time to meet with serious buyers with cash in hand. We’re located in East Ridge right off 24 and Belvoir and can meet around here or at your bank. Thanks for looking!

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2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen diesel for sale by owner - Chattanooga, TN - craigslist (2024)


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